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Now if want something really fun for everyone to do:  Have us bring out the spin art!
We have 3 double machines.  We can spin cards or Frisbees This is a fun activity for older kids and even adults.  If we bring Cards the rate is $375.00 for up 3 hours with 100 cards & frames and an attendant then

$50.00/ hr for each additional hour with 50 additional cards & frames/hr booked- We have two spinners for cards. Or $1.00/additional card if no extra time needed.

If we bring out Frisbees the rate is $500.00 for up to three hours with 100 Frisbees and an attendant.

Then $100.00/ hr for each additional hour booked, which includes 50 additional Frisbees. We have 4 - 6 spinners for the Frisbees.  Frisbees can be personalized with names etc.  I have attached an example.